Creating An Album Discography at All About Jazz: A How-To Guide

Creating An Album Discography at All About Jazz: A How-To Guide
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Album discographies are intended to give readers a high level look at a musician's recorded output and to facilitate album sales. It's also useful content and promotes music & artist discovery.
All About Jazz created album discographies from our deep archive of album reviews and from the Discogs.com API in January 2015, resulting in over 100,000 album records in our database. And thanks in part to our musician and writing community, we've added nearly 40,000 albums since.

You can read more about the seeds of the discography project here. In this article we'll explain how to add, update, and delete albums associated with a musician page.

Our goal is to help musicians sell their music by presenting their discography and by making their albums searchable at All About Jazz.

We recently completed several discographies prior to launching the feature: the Charlie Haden and Jason Moran discographies are two good examples. Check them out to view the possibilities.

If you're a musician, simply follow the instructions below to complete your discography:

Step 1.

Your musician page may already exist (search here), and if it does, claim it, so you can update it. If it does not exist, create it here. If you already have a musician page and have access, move on to step 2.

Step 2.

From your musician page, click the blue button on a standard page or the orange button on a premium page; click the "Discography" tab then click the green "Upload Album" button.

Step 3.

Once your albums have been uploaded return to your musician page and click the "Albums" section header to view your entire discography. You can add albums from this page as well.

The yellow "BUY" button currently links to an Amazon page. You can override the Amazon link with a store of your choosing after upgrading to the premium musician page service.

Sounds easy, but how long does it really take?

No time at all. It's your music, you know it best, so completing your discography will vary depending on volume; but expect the uploading of one album from scratch to take two minutes. Adding personnel to an existing album will take less than a minute.

Recent Improvements

With the completion of the album personnel upgrade project, albums now support leaders, co-leaders, and side personnel.


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