AAJ Live Calendar: Enter your Dates in One Place; Post Them Everywhere!

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Dear Fellow Jazz Professional,

Your crafty friends at AAJ have developed a time-saving tool that will allow you to update your website's calendar page automatically.

With AAJ Live calendar, you simply enter your dates at All About Jazz, and our technology will update your website's calendar page as well as your MySpace page, your blog, your HTML email announcement, etc., for you.

Maintaining a calendar page is time-consuming—it's also a pain in the butt. Purchase our service for only $30/year, and let AAJ's technology do the work for you. All it takes is placing a single line of HTML on your calendar page. Once the code is in place, every time you enter a date at AAJ, we'll push that information out to your website in real time.

Here are a few examples of how your calendar dates will appear:

You can modify the appearance of the calendar so it integrates with the look and feel of your website and your MySpace page. Our service supports single musician calendars, multiple musician calendars, venue calendars and festival calendars.

Enjoy the time-saving convenience and broadcast capabilities of AAJ Live Calendar. Order it today and save 50% by taking advantage of our introductory offer of $30/year.

If you have any additional questions about our service, please contact Mike Lorenz at livecalendar@allaboutjazz.com.

Q: What is Live Calendar?

A: AAJ Live Calendar allows you to enter your dates (once) at AAJ and syndicate them via a piece of javascript code or GIF that's placed at your website, on your MySpace page, at blogs, in newsletters, in newsgroup posts, etc.. It's a time-saving and efficient way to spread the word about your performance dates.

Q: Why do I need Live Calendar?

A: Imagine getting complete coverage at AAJ, posting your calendar to multiple destinations on the web (like MySpace), and never having to update the calendar page at your website again. That's what you get when you purchase AAJ Live Calendar.

Q: Where can I put my Live Calendar code or graphic?

A: Where ever you want: on your website, on your MySpace page, on other community pages like MOG, on a blog, in a bulletin board signature, on a fan's site, in a Yahoo Groups post, in your HTML email announcement, etc.

Q: Does the Live Calendar update each time I add a new date?

A: Your AAJ Live Calendar is live and up-to-the-minute! It'll dynamically update each time you add a new performance date.

Q: Can I customize the look of my calendar?

A: Yes, you control how your calendar looks. You can adjust the width, the number of dates shown, the size and color of the text, the background color, and so on. You can seamlessly integrate it into your website color scheme, your MySpace color scheme...

Q: What is a "favorites" calendar?

A: As a MY AAJ member, you can maintain a list of your favorite musicians. AAJ will display news and other information about them on your MY AAJ page. Record labels and management companies can use this feature to display their stable of artists on the "tour" page at their website.

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