A Focus On Daniel Carter

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A show with a close look at free jazz multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter with a focus on his output since 2003, and a detailed look at from 2018.


  • Daniel Carter "Hok Zhou" from Chinatown (Not Two Records) 00:00
  • Daniel Carter and Matt Lavelle "The D.C. Key" from Live at Tower Records 0812 06 (Atnimara Records) 13:09
  • Daniel Carter, William Parker and Federico Ughi "Little Did I Know" from The Dream (577 Records) 19:03
  • Federico Ughi, Gene Janas, and Daniel Carter "Talk in Play, People on Mercy" from People's Resonance (577 Records) 29:31
  • Daniel Carter, William Parker and Federico Ughi "Navajo Sunrise" from Navajo Sunrise (Rudi Records) 38:52
  • Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, and Federico Ughi "Before Six" from Vol. 1 Erie Live! (577 Records) 50:33
  • Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi "In the Name of the Tenor" from Inside The Studio Vol. One (577 Records) 1:00:09
  • Daniel Carter "Seed" from Unanimity (Unanimity) 1:08:24
  • Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure, and Federico Ughi "Nostrand Avenue" from New York United (577 Records) 1:17:45
  • Daniel Carter, William Parker, and Matthew Shipp "Seraphic Light Part 3" from Seraphic Light (Aum Fidelity) 1:35:43
  • Daniel Carter, Matthew Putman, Patrick Holmes, Hilliard Greene, and Federico Ughi "Throne" from Telepatia Liquida (577 Records) 1:49:30


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