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Over the last 25 years, All About Jazz has continually reinvented itself to adapt to the times. COVID-19 presents not only a challenge to All About Jazz, but to every person and organization that is connected to our music. Never at a loss for ideas or the willingness to do the work, we have determined a course of action and will do what is necessary to help musicians and presenters bring greater exposure to their livestream events. We've also partnered with other organizations of action. Click this link to track our progress. We're open to all forms of collaboration, so please feel free to contact us with your ideas.


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Thana Alexa

After You
After You

Mason Razavi & Bennett Roth-Newell

Iron Starlet
Iron Starlet

Connie Han

The Ripple Effect
The Ripple Effect

Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate


Jenny Davis


Myra Melford, Zeena Parkins and Miya Masaoka


Drew Nugent


Emilia Vancini


Joel August




Interview with Derrick Hodge: In the Moment
Interview with Charles Rumback: Singing Structures of Rhythm
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March Birthdays
With Marc Cohn

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True North X
True North X

Bartosz Hadala

Bliss Station
Bliss Station

Eric St-Laurent

Back On Track
Back On Track

Diane Roblin

Lift Off
Lift Off

Mark Segger

TW = this week; LW = last week; 2W = two weeks ago.

JazzWeek Radio Chart

TW LW 2W Artist TW LW Move Add Rpts Peak Wks
1 1 1 Joey Alexander Warna (Verve) 316 336 -20 0 52 1 8
2 2 2 Lafayette Harris Jr. You Can't Lose with the Blues (Savant) 298 284 +14 1 54 1 10
3 4 3 Kenny Barron | Dave Holland Trio ft. Johnathan Blake Without Deception (Dare2) 278 254 +24 2 54 3 5
4 5 4 Jeremy Pelt The Art of Intimacy, Vol. 1 (HighNote) 257 248 +9 0 52 4 6
5 3 5 Eric Alexander Eric Alexander with Strings (HighNote) 245 270 -25 0 49 1 10
6 5 6 Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis The Music of Wayne Shorter (Blue Engine) 243 248 -5 0 42 2 10
7 7 7 Michael Wolff Bounce (Sunnyside) 234 244 -10 0 46 5 7
8 12 8 Jae Sinnett Just When You Thought (J-Nett Music) 229 213 +16 0 42 8 7
9 8 9 Jeff Rupert with George Garzone The Ripple (Rupe Media) 220 237 -17 0 37 6 8
10 30 10 Harold Mabern Mabern Plays Mabern (Smoke Sessions) 210 163 +47 5 45 10 2

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