Various Artists: 30th Anniversary Collection

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Various Artists: 30th Anniversary Collection Back in the early '80s, before ECM, Gramavision and Nonesuch started to notice the sounds being made below 14th Street, and Knitting Factory Records, Antilles and Enemy began documenting the growing scene, a handful of artists were doing it themselves. Eugene Chadbourne's Parachute and Elliott Sharp's Zoar were two of the early downtown DIY efforts and likewise, the Italian-born drummer Andrea Centazzo—who lived in New York City in the '70s before moving on to Los Angeles—captured some nascent moments in a scene that would prosper over the coming decades.

Both Centazzo's European and New York roots are well displayed across the twelve discs of the 30th Anniversary Collection, and the breadth of the people he played with makes it much more than one man's history. Chadbourne, Tom Cora and John Zorn are featured and, from the other coast, a 1978 recording with ROVA. The Europeans showing up include Evan Parker, Albert Mangelsdorff, Franz Koglmann, Lol Coxhill and Kent Carter.

Compiling the collection must have been, for Centazzo, something like going through a box of old letters—fond memories along with the inevitable jolts of voices from beyond. There are three full discs featuring Steve Lacy and a 1977 duo with Derek Bailey. Perhaps most surprisingly, a fifteen-minute track never before released features Lester Bowie, Alvin Curran, Giancarlo Schiaffini and Tony Oxley, along with Parker and Centazzo.

There are some other unreleased selections as well, including a set of compositions for a twenty-piece orchestra and three improvisations by Centazzo, Anthony Coleman and Marco Cappelli, recorded at Tonic in 2005. And add to the gift package a gold letter opener; the paper seals on each disc threaten to tear the cardboard sleeves.

Track Listing: CD1: Clangs: The Owl; Tracks; Dome; The New Moon; Torments; Ducks.
CD2: Drops: Drop One; Recapitulation, Reiteration And Rabbits; How Long Has This Been Going On; Drop Two; Tutti Cantabile; Drop Three; Drop Four; Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing; Jim Never Seems To Send Me Pretty Flowers.
CD3: In Concert: Bone (Tao 3); The Way (Tao 2); Stalks; Existence (Tao 1); The Crust; Feline; Ducks.
CD4: In Real Time: In Real Time #1; In Real Time #2; In Real Time #3; In Real Time #4; In Real Time #5; In Real Time #6.
CD5: The Bay: Trobarclus; O Ce Biel Cisciel Da Udin; The Bay; Carmel Duet; Ready No. 2; Ready No. 6; Ready No. 1; Ready No. 3.
CD6: The New US Concerts: Trio West #1; Trio West #2; Live In Woodstock; NY Tapes #1; No Wall; MC Clung #1; MC Clung #2; NY Tapes # 2; Electric Duo; West Duo.
CD7: The NY Tapes: First Environment For Sextet; NY Duo #1; Second Environment For Sextet; NY Duo #2; NY Sextet Improvisation; NY Trio.
CD8: Doctor Faustus: Musicaschema; Third Environment For Orchestra; Chirimia; First Environment; Lost In The Mist; Mittelmarch; Doctor Faustus.
CD9: Thirty Years From Monday: An Old Man River In The Georgia Of My Mind; Mantric Improvisation; The Gipsy Part One; The Gipsy Part Two; The Box Session #1; The Box Session #2; Trovecen #1; Trovecen #2.
CD10: Back To The Future: Back To The Future #1; Back To The Future #2; Back To The Future #3; Back To The Past #1; Back To The Past #2; Back To The Past #3; Back To The Past #4; Back To The Past #5.
CD11: Tao: Tao 1; Tao 2; Tao 3; Tao 4; Tao 5; Tao 6; Tao 7; Tao 8; Tao 9; Tao 10.
CD12: Rebels, Travelers & Improvisers: The Breghenz Session; Church Music #1; Church Music #2; Church Music #3;The Innsbruck Session #1; The Innsbruck Session #2; Rebels, Travelers & Improvisers.

Personnel: CD1: Clangs: Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone, bird calls, pocket synthesizer; Andrea Centazzo: percussion, drum set, vocals.
CD2: Drops: Derek Bailey: electric & acoustic guitars; Andrea Centazzo: percussion.
CD3: In Concert: Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone; Kent Carter: double bass; Andrea Centazzo: drum set, percussion.
CD4: In Real Time: Alvin Curran: synthesizer, piano, trumpet; Evan Parker: soprano, tenor saxophones; Andrea Centazzo: percussion, percussion synthesizer.
CD5: The Bay: Larry Ochs: tenor, soprano saxohones; Jon Raskin: baritone, alto, soprano saxophones, clarinet; Bruce Ackley: clarinet, soprano saxophone; Andrew Voigt: alto, soprano saxophones, flute; Andrea Centazzo: percussion.
CD6: The New US Concerts: John Carter: clarinet; Vinnie Golia: reeds; Tom Corra: cello; Toshinori Kondo: trumpet; Jack Wright: alto saxophone; Ladonna Smith: violin, viola, voice; Davey Williams: electric guitars, banjo; Eugene Chadbourne: guitars; Dave Williams: electric guitars; Gregg Goodman: piano; Andrea Centazzo: percussion.
CD7: The NY Tapes: Polly Bradfield: violin; Eugene Chadbourne: guitars; Tom Cora: cello; Toshinori Kondo: trumpet; John Zorn: reeds; Andrea Centazzo: percussion.
CD8: Doctor Faustus: Enrico Rava: trumpet; Franz Koglmann: flugelhorn, trumpet; Gianluigi Trovesi: bass clarinet, alto saxophone; Carlos Zingaro: violin; Theo Jorgesmann: clarinet (7); Radu Malfatti: trombone (6); Albert Mangelsdorf: trombone (7); Carlo Actis Dato: bass clarinet, baritone sax (7); Roberto Ottaviano: soprano saxophone; Sauro D'Angelo: clarinet, alto saxophone; Roberto Manuzzi: soprano saxophone; Andrea Anzola: french horn; Roberto Bartoli: bass; Stefano Ferri: bass; Franco Feruglio: bass (6); Bruno Cabassi: xylophone, percussion; Gianpaolo Salbego: percussion; Guido Vianello: percussion (7); Paolo Zanella: percussion (7); Andrea Centazzo: drums, percussion, conductor.
CD9: Thirty Years From Monday: Alvin Curran: piano, trumpet synthesizer; Andrea Centazzo: percussion; Carlos Zingaro; violin; Lol Coxhill: soprano saxophone; Gianluigi Trovesi: bass clarinet, piccolo clarinet, alto saxophone.
CD10: Back To The Future: Davey Williams: guitars, banjo; Ladonna Smith: violin, vocals; Andrea Centazzo: percussion, digital percussion & sampling.
CD11: Tao: Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone, bird calls, pocket synthesizer; Andrea Centazzo: percussion, drum set, vocals.
CD12: Rebels, Travelers & Improvisers: John Fisher: piano; Theo Jorgesmann: clarinet; Melvin Poore; tuba; Evan Parker: tenor saxophone; Martin Joseph: electric piano; Eugenio Colombo: alto saxophone, flute; Lol Coxhill: soprano saxophone; Franz Koglmann: trumpet, flugelhorn; Lester Bowie: trumpet; Alvin Curran: piano, synthesizer; Giancarlo Schiaffini: trombone Tony Oxley: percussion; Andrea Centazzo: percussion, electronics.

Title: 30th Anniversary Collection | Year Released: 2006 | Record Label: Ictus Records


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