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Gary Armstrong

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Home: Upper Black Eddy, PA

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Marketing and Communications Consultant for various Media Brands

Gary is a corporate consultant leveraging the worlds of entertainment and social media. He is currently finishing a transmedia novel set in the magazine industry and divides his time between Manhattan and his farm in Bucks County PA.

He'd be thrilled if you followed him on Twitter @vanityman

Recently the Chief Marketing Officer of Wenner Media (Rolling Stone,, Us Weekly,, Men's Journal) he was employed there from 1999-2009. While at Wenner, he led a cross-functional team engaged in corporate communications, digital services, advertising sales, research, creative services, retail promotions, event marketing, and global licensing.

Highlights include: conversion of Us Weekly from a monthly magazine; developing and launching (business and marketing strategy), serving as Executive Producer of “I'm From Rolling Stone” (a weekly reality show on MTV); and providing marketing strategy for and 15 International editions of Rolling Stone.

Prior to Wenner Mr Armstrong worked at Conde Nast Publications from 1988-1999, as a marketing executive with brands such as Vanity Fair, Glamour, Details and Mademoiselle.

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