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Ralph A. Miriello

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Home: Stamford, CT

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Alongtime jazz fan, green orientated builder, jazz journalist & writer

I have been working in the building and construction industry for over 35 years. Graduated from Newark College of Engineering and have been in my own business since 1982. Presently working as a green builder and construction consultant. My recent goals are to become a more complete green builder since saving the planet is in all of our interest and to pursue my writing.

Had the opportunity to see many great acts over the years and never tire of the music in its many forms. Partial to fusion.

Most incredible concert experience: 1st Mahavishnu Orchestra at the old Farleigh Dickinson University in about the third row. When they came out and started to play with such speed and precision it made our jaws drop! I have been a McLaughlin fan ever since.

Have interviewed some fine musicians and really appreciate their time and art.

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