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Thomas Winther Andersen

All About Jazz user Thomas Winther Andersen

Home: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Bassist and composer from Norway

Originally from Norway bassist and composer Thomas Winther Andersen has been based in Amsterdam for several years. He toured in Europe and the USA with different musicians and bands. A selection of musicians Thomas has worked with are: Håkon Storm , Jimmy Halperin, Lee Konitz, Sheila Jordan, Jasper Blom, Robert Rook, Michiel Borstlap and many more.

Thomas composed for various jazz ensembles, music for Big Band and chamber music. Many of his pieces are available on CD recordings. Latest recordings are: 2012 - Spinnaker - NORCD1217 2010 - Patchwork - NORCD1096 2010 - Tribute To Jochem - Ultimate jazz UJRR05 2008 - DVD Robert Rook trio Live in Amsterdam UJRR04 2006 - Hymn For Fall – TWA Music 0306 2004 - Out From A Cool Storage NORCD0454

Thomas graduated from Amsterdam Conservatory in 1993 and added a master a year later at the Conservatory of Den Hague. In 1995 he received a grant from the Dutch foundation “Fonds voor de podiumkunsten” to study in New York with Sal Mosca.

Thomas’ website has regular update on his performances, recordings, bands, musicians, reviews, music, compositions, and more.

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