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David C. Eckert

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Home: United States

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David Eckert is a musician, educator, husband, lover of life and all that lives, and Michael Brecker's biggest fan.

He walks and talks and breathes and bleeds not unlike any other man. He feels and fears and feeds off of friendly faces and fellow followers. He climbs in his mind to peaks beyond his powers and plays passages paramount to placing him among the most powerful performers ever to walk the planet, but to no avail. He is mortal. He is me. He is ever so ordinary but dreams of the extraordinary. He longs to climb Everest and witness the majesty that is Machu Pichu. He studies religion but considers himself unreligious. He studies philosophy but philosophizes not. He loves the earth and all that is in it. Music surrounds him but does not encompass him. He celebrates life and all that lives and is grateful to all that touch his. He is gracious and loving to a fault and is never afraid to share his emotions. He cries during movies and John Denver songs but rocks out to Van Halen like he did in high school. He is strange. He is happy. He is me.

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