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Peter Gordon

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Peter Gordon is the founder of Thirsty Ear Records and co-founder of the Jazz Forward Coalition (JFC).

Known in the jazz community for his ground breaking Thirsty Ear “Blue Series” releases, Gordon draws upon his three decades of professional music experience. Among JFC's activities, is the presentation, with JazzTimes, of the Jazz Connect confab at APAP in NYC. Additionally JFC coordinates with the US Conference of Mayors, the celebration of Jazz Day on nationwide basis. Gordon has been involved in the development and roll-out of two major music trade organizations; American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) where he served as a founding board member and as its Acting President. And the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), whose membership is made up of over twenty participating countries. Gordon was elected as its inaugural Vice President. Among other initiatives at WIN, he originated and produced “Independence Day” celebrating Indie music throughout the world.

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