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Lost in music, caught in a trap....

I never quite recovered from first hearing the Beatles, closely followed by Blondie in the late 70s. From the moment I could afford to buy records music has been the one constant in my life.

I stumbled into jazz via soul, electronica and the particularly open minded post punk records of Working Week, Everything But The Girl, the Style Council & David Sylvian.

I believe passionately that the job of sites like AAJ and 'Kind of Jazz', the blog I co-contribute to with Matthew Ruddick, is to show that jazz need not be a dry intellectual exercise endlessly repeating the styles of some mythical golden age. Don't get me wrong I love Miles, Monk, Coltrane and Andrew Hill as much as the next man but they are only a part of what I think jazz has to offer.

While I had always hoped that I could find a way to write about music, until relatively recently this was confined to e-mails with like minded friends. In 2012 a friend and I started work on our own music blog '', designed to cover jazz and jazz influenced music. Setting that up took pretty much a year so while we were writing the test pieces I also blogged on other music at my own blog ''.

I've loved the chance to share thoughts and opinions on music, that the internet has made possible for me, and am now looking forward to continuing that on AAJ.

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