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Roger Ebacher

Home: United States

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Roger Ebacher is a recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, performer, composer, and producer, with over 30 years of professional stage and studio experience. Appearing on his own highly reviewed CD's as a consummate flutist (Flutation Device, Backyard Carneval), with numerous guest CD appearances on a variety of instruments, Roger's compositional and performance skills and cover Jazz, Fusion, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Reggae, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, African, and other world musics.

Roger Ebacher has twice been the featured guest artist on Boston's premier jazz radio program, Eric in the Evening (WGBH-FM, 89.7), and his music has been on the airwaves all over North America, Europe, and as far east as India, Thailand, and Russia. Roger's newest musical venture, THE AIR DEPARTMENT, represents further explorations into World Music, combining the musics of the Middle East, India, Brazil, Cuba and beyond with Ambient, Electronica, Downtempo and more into a new sonic stew of ethnic fusion made for adventurous listeners in today's evolving musical universe.

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