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James Henry Smith

Member since 2010.


Home: new york city, NY

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A player, of several instruments and many genres, who studies, follows, plays and listens to jazz constantly

Played piano and trombone as a young person. Self taught on guitar and banjo. Public school music, stage band during secondary school and community jazz band later. Acoustic music, including jazz, folk, blues, rock, mostly guitar and keys. Church musician playing piano and guitar. Occasional big band, usually piano. Presently pursuing acoustic upright bass, mostly jazz. Exploring music theory and other instruments as a hobby. Played and plays in various bands. Jazz standards and improvisation with several individuals, small groups. Rock and roll band (60's, 70's dance music) with group Taxi (playing keys and guitar). Use and construction of software accompaniment and arrangements (esp for bass and drum parts), using Sonar and BIAB. Attended several Aebersold Jazz Camps studying: piano, vibes, bass. Full time attorney in rural SE Illinois. Part time musician. Long time season subscriber to Jazz at the Bistro series St Louis MO; regular national jazz acts. Active jazz listener, prefer live. Some related teaching and seminars, speaking, education, JEN Member.

Instruments played: Piano, guitar, vibes, bass, flugelhorn, banjo, others.

Jazz Group: The Penguins. Rock Group: Taxi.

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