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Ben Scholz

All About Jazz user Ben Scholz

Home: Chicago, IL

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Ben Scholz is a drummer/percussionist who lives and works in Chicago. He recently released his debut album "Shiny Metal Objects" with The Elec Tet

While attending high school and working as a sub in the Pacific Northwest music scene, I became interested in jazz. I was accepted to the University of North Texas where I studied with renowned jazz instructor Ed Soph. After graduating, I moved to Chicago and found success both as a performer and a teacher.

Living in Chicago has given me the opportunity to work with jazz innovators such as Aaron Neville, Roy Hargrove, and Bill Watrous. I frequently work in television and have appeared on MTV, WGN-9 and at Second City.

Currently I am recording my first album and performing with musicians from around the world. I am also featured in the upcoming documentary “The Journals of Life”. I also hold a position as the percussion director at Loyola Academy High School.

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