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Ross La Ciura


Home: Palermo, Italy

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Photographing Jazz means photographing rhythm of jazz to the rhythm of jazz...

I photograph for a long time, but for many years I have not photographed.

During the college years I studied photography with Emanuele Martino.
 Since 2002 I started taking pictures again and now I collaborate with Studio Fabio Savagnone INDUSTRY / FOOD / STILL LIFE, in Palermo. Always been passionate about music, in recent years, thanks to a young musician, I got in touch with the world of jazz, which I turned my renewed enthusiasm for photography.

I followed the concert of the Brass Group Palermo and other festivals such as Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz and teaching activities of the People's Music School Brass Group Palermo.

In 2006 I attended a workshop, led by Luciano Rossetti,concerning specific aspects of photographic work in music, dance e theater performances.
 Since 2003, I made some websites, including one for “Broadway” Library of Performing Arts in Palermo.

For the library “Broadway”, I cared, in 2007, the photographic exhibition on jazz “Black, Brown, Beige with Red, Green and Blue” by Stefania Errore. Since 2006/2007 following the two reviews JazzVanguard and Summer Jazz in Palermo, and since last year, 2010, even the musical and learning activity of Curva Minore Contemporary Sounds.

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