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Charles Blass

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Home: Zurich, Switzerland

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Content strategist, producer, engineer. Radio veteran.

Charles programmed & hosted on WKCR ('Audio Gumbo') for over two decades and in the community is involved in production, engineering, management and promotion. He mixes jazz, experimental, global, folk, electronic, funk and hybrid fusions in his shows.

Charles Blass is a music and content advisor. Charles is an experienced writer and Internet content developer. He has written liner notes for a number of albums and contributed to several books on music. Charles is the Founder and Director of Lovevolv, Inc, a not- for-profit arts & education company, and Co-Founder of the LiveWired Music network.

Charles is based in Zurich, Switzerland, currently hosting two radio programs, 'Sun Radio' and 'Inner City Outer Space'. See

submissions welcome sunradio [at]

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