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Elisha "Atlas" Parris

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Most Sought-After Urban Jazz Pianist in the US!

World renown keyboardist Elisha “Atlas” Parris has been an award winning composer and master pianist for more than 20 years. No stranger to the Jazz community, Atlas was the lead keyboardist for the popular 90's jazz band SEGUE, with their chart-topping release TELL YA IN A SECOND (2000). Both prior to and since that time, Elisha has accompanied such gospel and jazz greats as keyboardist Bruce Allen, saxophonist Allen Wiggins, Bassist Brent Brown and many others! Elisha founded Parriscope Entertainment, Inc. in 2006 and has spent much of his time behind the scenes a composer, song-writer, music director and record producer. But now, it's finally time for Atlas to step back out front and make another impression in the jazz world...this time, he's pulling out all the stops! Using his passion for the keys, Elisha “Atlas” Parris has created the most soothing sounds of our century. His highly anticipated solo release, appropriately entitled “AtLasT” (2010), will bolster an eclectic blend of classic cover tunes such as Miles Davis' Tune Up and James Weldon Johnson's Lift Ev'ry Voice with original hits like Rush Hour, Playin' in the Rain, and Beautiful Space. This is sure to be Elisha's greatest jazz accomplishment to date!

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