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Paul Doyle


Home: Austin, TX

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acoustic/electric guitarist, 5-string electric bassist.

(Update work in progress):

I started on alto sax and expanded to baritone sax in high school. I migrated to electric bass and guitar during high school and played in soul, rock, funk, blues, R&B, and pop bands in Washington, D.C. & Baltimore area while studying music theory, acoustic bass, and guitar, and jazz. I relocated to the Philadelphia area for a full-time music gig which expanded the musical styles to Standards, Ballads, Show tunes, Disco and Jazz based standards.

I left full time music gigs for a tech income and worked part-time playing contemporary worship music. I'm currently working with a local singer-songwriter covering “new” country with a mix of blues and rock.

Music Genres: acoustic and electric styles of Folk, Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Pop, Disco, Standards, Show tunes, Jazz, Big Band Jazz, contemporary worship music, and country.

Instruments: acoustic and electric guitar, slide guitar, 4 and 5 string electric bass, learning 7-string guitar, former alto and baritone sax player.

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