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Al Evans

Home: Wood Village, OR

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For almost 8 1/2 years was the host of "Saturday Night Jazz" on 89.1 FM KMHD in Portland, Oregon.

Besides jazz and blues, I also enjoy listening to classic rock (Eric Clapton, Elton John, James Taylor, others). Pastimes include photography, reading science fiction, writing both fiction and non-fiction, and, all too seldom, trout fishing.

In the real world, for the last 22+ years I have been a troubleshooter of customer problems, among other things, for the Portland office of a large nationwide business products wholesaler.

Since July of 2011, I have been writing a more-or-less weekly jazz CD review column which I publish on my blog at

[NOTE: In the spring of 2013, because of ongoing serious problems with the Blogspot post editor, I moved my blog to its own domain at Reviews written prior to the move are still available on the Blogspot page, but all new reviews are being posted only to the new site.]

The blog is now called “Jazz For A Saturday Night”, and each CD that I write about is one that I either did play, or would have played, on Saturday Night Jazz.

I have no formal musical education; in my writing, I make no pretense at being an expert about the technical aspects of the music.

What I write about is the sound... Does the music sound good? Because when you get right down to it, a lot of music that is technically brilliant is, to the average listener, just a bunch of discordant, atonal crap.

Most people, including jazz lovers, want to listen to music that sounds GOOD to them. That is what I tried to play on “Saturday Night Jazz”, and it's what I write about now.

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