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Gokul Salvadi

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Home: Chennai, India

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I am a Carnatic Vocal Artist, Composer from India.

Hello !!

Thanks for visiting my page. This is Gokul Salvadi, from “Palani”, South India. I am a composer, singer and multi instrumentalist, but the one I play professionally is my larynx. I started as a Carnatic Vocalist (Traditional South Indian Classical Music) and later as a composer, I developed my passion for exploring the wonder world of Music.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” (Victor Hugo). Music is universal and there is no territory in the world of music. I create something which would have a sense of my overall musical style. I love working with people who works and plays with sounds. The future of the world is hatched in the laboratory: From Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein, from Antonio Russolo to John Cage, innovation has been an eternal spirit for us.” I would love exploring the world of Music and curious to see how it leads me to the future. Whenever If I am asked what my genre is, I would prefer to say “its Avant-garde Carnatic.”


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