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Minerva Smith

All About Jazz user Minerva Smith

Home: Winchendon, MA

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Minerva embraces all styles of music and does not lack for talent in any genre. It is clear from her lyrical composition that she is not only a hopeless romantic but also very community-orientated and committed to social equality. Clearly, she has life experiences to draw her work from. The moment the music starts you know you are in for a musical treat – a renaissance, of music future, past and present. A native New Englander, she has always been involved in some aspect of music throughout her life. While primarily a vocalist and lyricist, she has broadened her musical ability to encompass her goals of composition, production, recording, distribution and ultimately, performing. Minerva is co-owner and operator of SmithWorks Music, a music publishing company formed with the intent to distribute music composed, recorded and performed by local musicians and entertainers based in and around the New England area. Minerva is a SESAC-affiliated songwriter and publisher as well as a vocalist, recording artist and producer for SmithWorks Music. Currently, Minerva is writing and perfecting her signature sound in their home-based studio. Minerva resides in Massachusetts with Calvin and their children.

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