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John McAll

Home: Australia

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John McAll is one of the most in demand Pianists and Musical Directors in Australia

John McAll started playing piano at the age of five.From a musical family he could play simple pieces by ear from and early age and was exposed to a vast eclectic mix of musical influences.He learned ”Pinetops Boogie Woogie at the age of twelve and from there his love of Jazz set in. An early graduate of the VCA he has played with:

Ross Wilson,Renee Geyer,Debra Byrne,Vince Jones,John Sass,Wycliffe Gordon,Wayne Bergeron,Nichaud Fitzgibbon,Brian Abrams”District 6” and Has toured the world with “The David Chesworth ensemble”

His debut release 'Black Money” was well recieved by a full house at Bennetts Lane and enjoyed Good reviews in the Australian Media.-Black Money was recorded at Bennett New Jersey with Matt Clohesy,Tommy igoe,Curtis Fowlkes and David Rex.

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