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Simone Gubbiotti

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Home: Perugia, Italy

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A beautiful voice of jazz guitar

Simone Gubbiotti

Born in Assisi,Italy,September 22,1974,Simone got his diploma in foreign languages in 1993 and started,the same year,practicing guitar as a self-taught. He moved to Florence to attend the faculty of psicology at University in 1994 beginning to go out with different local bands playing in a variety of contests from rock to pop,to Italian folk music. Simone left the faculty very soon to follow his passion for music and in 1998 he found out his attitude for jazz and improvised music. He studied harmony and theory with the famous clarinet player Gabriele Mirabassi and he attended,in the summer 1998,the Berklee College of Music clinics during the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia studyind and playing with Jim Kelly and Mark White. In this period Simone was involved in different kind of combos and with his first group he played at Rieti Jazz Festival in 1999 sharing the stage with Irio DePaula and Enrico Pieranunzi. Simone has been guitar player and member of the Bridges Big Band from Perugia and of the Perujazz Big Band from 1999 to 2003.Those Orchestras were very active on the Italian scene in jazz festivals and festivals of poetry. In 2000 Simone moved for a while in Paris studying with Pierre Cullaz and playing in many jazz clubs with Guillaume Guino. He met Jim Hall in Ravenna during a clinic where he had the opportunity to play with him also attending classes of harmony,improvisation and composition. But it�s in 2001 that Simone discovered his natural talent for composition studyind in Boston with Jon Damian,already teacher of Bill Frisell and Mike Stern.Jon Damian developed a variety of exercises to improve the sense of the melody and the hear training and he helped Simone to understand the importance to achieve his own language. In 2002 he attented the famous Siena Jazz europiean clinics playing with Tomaso Lama and Pietro Condorelli,studyinf history of jazz,hear training and modal harmony with Pietro Tonolo and Stefano Zenni. Despite winning a scholarship for the Berklee College of Music of Boston,in 2003 Simone decided to move to Los Angeles to attend the G.I.T.(Guitar Institute of Technology). He stayed in the school for one week meeting the great educator Sid Jacobs.He suggested to quit the school and he took Simone as a student in his house. Simone had the opportunity to meet the giants,he studied and played with Joe Diorio,Sid Jacobs,Joe LaBarbera,Darek Oles,John Pisano,Dave Carpenter,Gary Novak. Came back to Italy in 2004 Simone invited Sid Jacobs for their first Italian tour.He recorded his first cd,�Simykyo�,with Sid Jacobs and Marco Collazzoni . In 2005 Simone was back in Los Angeles to record the second album,�Tracce di Eoni�,with a quintet composed by Joe LaBarbera,Darek Oles,Marco Collazzoni and the special guest Sid Jacobs.The cd was recorded at No-Sound studio in Pasadena. The quintet played the album in one day,all original compositions composed or arranged by Simone.Another Italian tour followed the recording session and touched many Italian citied such as Milano,Genova,Roma,Terni and Macerata. In 2006 Simone played in Los Angeles with Sid Jacobs,Joe LaBarbera,Darek Oles and he came out with some of new projects with Nick Rosen and Arthur Blythe and some other project on the east coast with Lewis Nash,Corey Christiansen,Danny Gootlieb and Jay Anderson. Simone actually lives between Italy and USA playing in a huge variety of situations,from duo to the Big Band and especially with his jazz solo guitar project.In fact,at the end of 2007 he recorded his first solo album for Artist Share company of New York where it will be exposed side by side of important artists such Jim Hall,Bill Frisell,Chris Potter and Danilo Perez. He�s also a private teacher and educator and he actually developed his own method writing his book �Guitar concepts�.

He played with:Joe LaBarbera,Darek Oles,Sid Jacobs,Joe Diorio,Marco Collazzoni,Gary Novak,Dave Carpenter,Fabio Zeppetella,John Pisano,Nick Rosen,Arthur Blythe,Marco Panascia,Lewis Nash.

He played in:Rieti Jazz Festival,Terni Jazz Festival,Macerata Jazz Festival,Peperoncino Jazz Festival,Duke Jazz Festival and in many jazz clubs such as Guitar Night at Spazio.


-Simykyo(2004) -Tracce di Eoni(feat. Joe LaBarbera,Darek Oles,Sid Jacobs,2005) -Terni in Jazz Orchestra(2005) -Essenza(2007/2008) -Sinergy (2009) -Promise to a friend (feat.Peter Erskine and Darek Oles)


Simone Gubbiotti organ trio Simone Gubbiotti-guitar Joe LaBarbera-drums Joe Bagg-hammond organ

Simone Gubbiotti Trio Simone Gubbiotti-guitar Peter Erskine-drums Darek Oles-Bass

Simone Gubbiotti guitar solo

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