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Charles Suhor

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Charles Suhor, a native of New Orleans, is a retired educator, currently writing about jazz and other topics from Montgomery, AL

Charles Suhor is a freelance writer, speaker, and musician. A native of New Orleans, he was an English and history teacher and K-12 English Supervisor in the public schools. He subsequently worked as Deputy Executive Director of the National Council of Teachers of English in Urbana, Illinois. He has written literature and composition textbooks and articles for education journals. He had a parallel career as a jazz musician, critic, and historian. In the 1950s he played drums with Dixieland, swing, and modern jazz artists in New Orleans. His writings on jazz have appeared in Down Beat, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Jazz Educators Journal, and others. His book Jazz in New Orleans: The Postwar Years (Scarecrow Press/ Rutgers University) won the 2004 New Orleans International Music Consortium award for excellence in music writing. He now lives in Montgomery, Alabama.

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