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Lyrical Movements

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My Love is vested deep in the world of Poetry, Music, Art, and Life.......

Poetry is the air I breathe, the force I believe in, and the one constant denominator I cannot live without. I am a Lyricist, Author, Composer, Actress, Artist and a Model on occasion. When I think of Jazz, I think of Miles Davis, Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Billie Holliday, Nancy and Cassandra Wilson, and Duke Ellington. In my short time in the limelight I have already appeared in two one hour Television showcases, the movie - Across the Universe (2007) and as a March feature in the 4th Dimension Publications Calendar (2009). I have verses on IFlowMag, Raintiger and, and hopefully this is only the beginning. Word on the street is ~ I can easily wrap you up in my lyrics divine, capture you with my musical capabilities, make you believe anything I tell you, whilst you fall in love with my inner essence. My book entitled - Lyrical Movements: The Melodies and Makings of Me is sure to be a best seller and is one of the first gifts to emerge from my extensive lyrical collection. After writing Blood Diamonds and Book Me, I know I will rise and touch the world by leaving my exotic mark. The latter is available on the Poetry CD ~ When the Rain is Watching { ~ Lyrical Movements} as well “Fate II” dedicated to the unknown victims of Hurricane Katrina. {Inquire about the Poetical Products/Services list via}

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