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John Patten

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Educator, musician and journalist trying to keep the Gospel of Jazz burning.

After a lifetime learning and loving music -- and especially jazz -- I can be found teaching guitar each weekend, my primary instrument. I've also studied and played piano and saxophone.

As a full-time journalist, I've also looked for opportunities to combine my interest with my vocation. I've written reviews for Jazz Improv magazine, and several months ago, was asked to write a jazz blog for my publisher (, which can also be found through

As a guitarist, I'm most fond of fingerstyle jazz -- Joe Pass, Danny Gatton and Ted Greene are my heroes. As a musician, I love inventive composers -- Miles Davis, Oliver Nelson and Pat Metheny inspire me. And as a fan, I love the beauty of fine compositions -- Gerald Wilson and Quincy Jones get my blood going.

I love any music played with conviction, intelligence and grace -- as long as it swings.

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