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Stan Ayeroff

Home: United States

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Stan has written music books on Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian and Benny Goodman. He is the leader of the band Dream Street, a chamber jazz group with great vocals and original material.

Dream Street

Stan Ayeroff - Leader, Composer, Arranger, Guitars

While studying composition at the California Institute of the Arts, Stan fell in love with swing music, especially Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France. He went on to write books on Django, Charlie Christian and Benny Goodman. He has performed with Texas R&B singer Delbert McClinton and was co-musical director (with Danny Elfman) of the original Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Stan served as Orchestral Supervisor for Rod Stewart, Page and Plant and The Who. He conducted a chamber orchestra for Hearts concert video The Road Home on Capitol Records. He has been the musical director for a series of projects featuring Roger Daltry of The Who, and has worked as arranger for songwriter David Baerwald (David+David, Sheryl Crow).

On the recommendation of Ry Cooder, Stan was enlisted by drummer Jim Keltner to create a Djangoesque jingle for U.S. Healthcare. Stan assembled his musical dream team of violinist Sid Page, woodwind player Dan Higgins, bassist Dave Stone and percussionist Brad Dutz and the group Snapdaddys was born. On this precursor to Dream Street, Leslie joined in on bassoon for one song. Their instrumental CD Snapdaddys is available at the Dream Store.

For many years Stan has serenaded the stars on and off camera, once upon a time inspiring Sean Connery and Sophia Loren to dance together to his solo guitar playing.

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Dream Street!

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