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Eldon Payne

All About Jazz user Eldon Payne

Home: Safety Harbor, FL

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Trombonist in Tampa Bay Area

Eldon was born in Morristown, TN and graduated cum laude from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1979. He moved to Tampa, FL in the spring of 1980 and retired from Delta Air Lines with twenty five years of service on Mar. 1, 2008. Some of the groups which Eldon has performed with are as follows:

University of Tennessee Campus Band, Tampa Bay Buccaneer Band, Shades of Blue, Boulevard Jazz Orchestra, The Mostly Pops Orchestra, Helios Jazz Orchestra, Cigar City Big Band, Swing Sound Orchestra, Frankie D. New York Orchestra, Clearwater Community Jazz Band, Sun City Center Big Band, George Carroll Big Band, Gulf Bay Big Band, Ten O'clock Big Band, Frank Parsons Band, The Tomkats Jazz Orchestra, The Sarasota Jazz Project, and Encore IV Big Band.

Artists that Eldon has helped back up include Margo Rey, Denise Moore, Kathy Kosins, Kevin Mahagony,Whitney James, and Michael Lynche.

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