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Hello everybody! Since I was a boy, I always loved the jazz and rock music admiring, above all, the artists who had the talent to transform simple musical notes in “pure art”. I played drums in a rock band, but my life evolved in other ways... my job (building maintenance engineer ) and family. It is a pity, really, because I had the talent to continue as musician. However, I never stopped to listen to my idols of jazz, rock and classical. Today I dedicate much of my interest in music to the great composer and pianist Chick Corea. I am running a fan page: “Chick Corea Fans Corner” with considerable success thanks to the great interest that his music is collecting among jazz lovers throughout the world. I also opened on myspace another little tribute to the absent friends of jazz: “Playing with Angels” just for honoring their life, music and legacy. Take a look at! That's all. I am sure to find many friends on here to share views, ideas and impressions. Carlo

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