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Neil Alexander

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Home: Newburgh, NY

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Pianist, Synthesist, keyboardist & composer Neil Alexander plays music from the heart with astounding passion and fire.

Jazz synthesist Neil Alexander, a pilgrim in the world of music for over thirty years, is an expert at composing and playing music that reaches across borders manifesting a pure joy of music. A professional musician adept in the usually disparate worlds of Jazz, Funk, Ambient, Electronica, Rock and Classical, Neil brings all these styles together in a cohesive format. He is a master of electronic music production and combines these skills with his exceptional keyboard technique. Within this milieu of talent, Alexander found a niche for himself as a pioneer in the modern age of music. Neil Alexander performs with tight, versatile groups shifting and combining the aforementioned styles, forming an expanded musical vocabulary. At the core is an emphasis on improvisation and a solid foundation in Jazz. True lovers of jazz and improvisation seek Neil's performances out, knowing that he will shatter boundaries and test limits, pushing the envelope.

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