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Linda Kosut

All About Jazz user Linda Kosut

Home: San Francisco, CA

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Linda Kosut, San Francisco song-stylist blends jazz, pop & folk into unexpected & fresh renditions


Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs – BEST FEMALE JAZZ VOCALIST & BEST JAZZ RECORDING Nominee

Cabaret Hotline Online - MEMBERS' CHOICE AWARD

“San Francisco-based jazz/cabaret vocalist Kosut — amazing Bay Area canary — brings her skills as an actress to her insightful interpretations of songs underscored with a fusion of jazz, pop and folk.” - Don Heckman, The International Review of Music

Backstage Magazine’s Bistro/BMI award winner, Linda Kosut, swings jazz, pop and folk, easily sings a repertoire from the standard to the obscure with fresh interpretations. Linda has performed across the country from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Seattle.

A native New Yorker, Linda grew up wanting to perform, but took it on only as a “hobby” by studying acting, dance and voice. After her move to San Francisco 25+ years ago, she decided to finally pursue her lifelong dream of singing and performing. “My approach to music and my song choices seem to have as much to do with the wisdom of age, as it does with the sheer joy of performing, entertaining and inspiring others.”

Linda has recorded two solo CDs, the most-recent of which [i]”Long As You’re Living, the songs & poetry of Oscar Brown Jr.”[/i]- a heartfelt tribute to the late jazz great - received BackStage Magazine’s BISTRO/BMI AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING RECORDING, as well as nominations for BEST FEMALE JAZZ VOCALIST and BEST JAZZ RECORDING from MAC, Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs, and a Cabaret Hotline MEMBERS’ CHOICE AWARD.

Linda's company, Jizel Music and Design, provides coaching to singers in both presentation and production, and designs marketing collateral for performers and performing arts organizations.

Linda lives in San Francisco with her husband, 2 of each dogs, chickens and turtles, and hundreds of fresh-water fish!

LA Times - “deserved a far longer run”

Jazz Review - “A singer of great ability – conveys romance combined with an earthy heat!”

LA Jazz Scene - “... a new female jazz singer who commands one’s attention ... a vocal performance which deserves mention

Jazz Times – “the best of such artists renowned for their superior ability to act, particularly one as gutsy as Kosut”


DISCOGRAPHY * JUNE 2007: “Long As You're Living- the songs & poetry of Oscar Brown Jr.” - Piano/trombone: Max Perkoff; Percussion: Paul van Wageningen; Bass: Tom Shader.

* JANUARY 2003: “Life is but a dream” - Piano: Barry Lloyd, David Austin; Bass: Dean Reilly; Drums: Bob Blankenship.

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