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Jeff Rzepiela

All About Jazz user Jeff Rzepiela

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Home: Sunnyvale, CA

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Jeff plays reeds.

I am a reed player (alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet, and flute). My primary gigs are lead alto with a big band and reeds with the Leanne Weatherly band. Additionally, I teach in the SF Bay Area. Lessons focus on two major topics to develop improvisation abilities:

1). Study of harmony through a guided series of exercises designed to target chord tones and incorporate chromaticism. These exercises are developed using standard chord progressions (e.g. I Got Rhythm, Autumn Leaves, etc.)

2). An in-depth study of solo transcriptions. Methods for transcribing are discussed. A method of learning solos and extracting key ideas is presented. Learn how to incorporate the ideas of jazz masters into your improvisations.

All levels are accepted. Beginning students focus on developing musical fundamentals. Intermediate and advanced students study repertoire with an innovative method of MIDI files designed to learn tunes, solos, and ear-training.

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