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Ty Bailey

Home: Richmond, VA

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He is a Jazz radio producer /announcer.

I am currently living in Richmond, VA. I was born in Newport News, VA. Attended grade school in Raleigh, N.C. Graduated from Virginia State, lived in and attended grad school in Cincinnati, OH and Fort Lauderdale, FL. I've worked in Richmond and Petersburg, VA in special education. Occasionally, I teach University students. I am currently working for the Virginia Department of Education. I produce this two hour weekly Jazz show at WVST-FM and Soul City Radio (Baltimore, MD) that I call ”JUST JAZZ”. I think I have always wanted to call my show this because of my belief that there are no real boundaries in Jazz music. I have had two other shows, ”Mellow Madness” and “Headset Jazz” during the eighties and nineties. Jazz has actually evolved into bop, cool, hard- bop, free, soul, fusion, electric, smooth... On ”JUST JAZZ”, I will play sounds from any of these domains within Jazz. As long as I think it interesting and sounds good to the listener. I play all kinds of Jazz on the show. I attempt to give the show a multi-dimensional perspective. Instrumental and vocal tunes are interwoven throughout. There is usually six sets of music with explanations that are often educational. We have occasionally interviewed artists. We stream @

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