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Ben Stapp

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Home: Astoria, NY

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Tubist and composer, Ben Stapp, is on the forefront in New York’s creative music scene.

Although trained as a classical/orchestral tubist with legendary pedagogues, Tommy Johnson and Roger Bobo, Ben Stapp began his professional career recording for the improvised music label Clean Feed with the likes of Herb Robertson, Alipio Neto, Ken Filiano and Michael T.A. Thompson. His first project as leader took him on tour in Portugal and then finally to New York to record with Tony Malaby and Satoshi Takeishi. With the self release Mr. Stapp was quickly recognized by All About Jazz, as “most certainly one to watch” and “the debut of a fresh new voice.” The Village Voice gave it an Honorable mention and the New York Times greeted it as a “rugged trio.” Since his move to New York he has been composing and performing with his new mixed ensemble projects - Zozimos, and has played at the Stone, the Tea Lounge, Cornelia Street Cafe and Roulette among others. Ben Stapp plays and subs with such tuba luminaries like Howard Johnson, Bob Stewart and Marcus Rojas. With various groups he has played at the South Bay Jazz Festival, House of Blues, Radio City, Discover Jazz Festival in Burlington, New York Gypsy Festival, the Craw Fish Festival, the Annual Connecticut Jazz Composers and Improvisors Festival and International Jazz festivals in Europe and South America.

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