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Dale Cruse

All About Jazz user Dale Cruse

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Home: Norwood, MA

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A Boston-area bassist and US Army veteran, Dale Cruse has been creating websites for high-profile clients ranging from the Department of Defense to Bloomingdale's for more than a decade

Dale Cruse is a designer/developer with a background in user-centric design, standards-based development, and content.

At any given time he's got his fingers in several different projects, ranging from a blog to a podcast to multiple public and private websites. Dale is the Musician Center Editor for AllAboutJazz, the premiere website about jazz. He has also been a guest lecturer at the Art Institute of New England.

He sees inspiration all around him and finds order in chaos. You should see him organize a refrigerator. He drinks an inordinate amount of coffee, which is for closers.

In his spare time he can be found practicing the double bass, playing darts, and enjoying wine with his girlfriend Courtney. They live in Norwood, MA.

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