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Steve Cromity

All About Jazz user Steve Cromity

Home: Brooklyn, NY

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Steve is a talented singer with a bebop style and a warm and disarming ease to his expressions

I have been singing professionally since 2004 after recording my debut CD the same year, called “Steppin' Out”. It can be purchased thru my website: I was particular motivated to sing after hearing Eddie Jefferson, the godfather of vocalese, and later Johnny Hartman. Thus far, my gigs have been concentrated in NYC, particularly in Brooklyn venues that include Jazz966, The Brownstone, and “Two Steps Down,” where I perform every 2nd Sunday monthly, located at 240 DeKalb Ave. 6-9 PM. I sing because the music we call jazz is my passion. I literally grew up hearing the sounds of the music coming through the floor of my childhood apartment from a tavern located beneath it. Later I found out it was giants like Miles, 'Trane, and Nina that I was hearing. So my music relives those mysterious and wonderful years growing up. But I'm also a produce of my then surroundings, which was Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and I wouldn't trade my early days with anyone. So, if I am able to have the opportunity to sing for you in-person or through a CD, I am a reflection of those formative years and my voice has been developed, and continues to be, to provide polished tones, heartfelt phrasing, and clear delivery of lyrics. Yes, and it is time for me to make another CD. 10/12

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