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John Schott

All About Jazz user John Schott

Home: Berkeley, CA

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John Schott is a composer/guitarist/vocalist operating in the intersections of jazz, roots, and the avant-garde.

Roosevelt High School in Seattle withh Waldo King. Cornish Cleege in Seattle with Julian Priester, Jerry Granelli and Jay Clayton. Private lessons with Gary Peacock. Moved to Bay Area 1988. Formed bands with Scott Amendola, Will Bernard, Charlie Hunter, Ben Goldberg, Trevor Dunn, Dan Plonsey, Kenny Wollensen. Collaborated with novelist Jonathan Lethem. Wrote compositions for Taneko Ensemble, Paul Dresher Ensemble, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Rova Sax Quartet. Wrote musc for ACT and UC Berkeley theatre productions, and for documentary film. Released CDs on Warner Bros., Tzadik, Songlines, Knitting Factory, New World, and Smash The State! Taught in Music Dept at UC Berkeley and Black Pine Circle Elementary School. Loves Skip James, Thelonious Monk, Stefan Wolpe, Louis Armstrong, James Brown, Meredith Monk, Marcel Duchamp and Ivan Brunetti. Currently in extended psycho-analysis.

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