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James Barela

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Home: denver , CO

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look for BLu7 "Cultural Instigator" on itunes and

Attended Northwest College and Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. James has a Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance and a Master of Music in Composition. James has performed with Woody Herman band, Ronnell Bright, Nick Brignola, Lou Fischer, Bill Watrous, Frank Wess, Sheila Jordan, Bob Montgomery, Rich Chiarluce, Drew Morell, Paul Musso, Phil Wilson, Jamey Abersold, Jerry Hahn, Rudy Royston, Dian Diaz, Gladys Knight, Joe Williams, David Poe, Jump Jive and Wail, and many more. Currently lives in Las Vegas and performs with his band BLU7. BLU7 is a modern jazz ensemble with world music influences and modern beats. BLu7's CD “Cultural Instigator” can be purchased at:,,,, and every other internet site that sells music.

James Barela plays Cannonball trumpets. Specifically the Cannonball 789 RL-S.

More info at:

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