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Hrayr Attarian

All About Jazz user Hrayr Attarian

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Home: Oak Park, IL

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Hrayr is the armchair jazz listener par exellence.

I was born in Lebanon and grew up with jazz music in the house because my father was a great jazz enthusiast. I have been listening to jazz since I was a child and I have become a self-taught aficionado. I have listened to over 3000 jazz recordings and read about 70 critical works on jazz. I continue to expand my musical horizons by catching live shows and expanding my personal music library. Since moving to the US in 92 I have lived in different parts of the country. I currently am a practicing neurologist and live in Chicago with my wife, our parrots and our cats. I also review for the “Chicago Jazz Magazine”, “Jazziz” magazine and “Jazztimes” online forum. I am a member of the Jazz Journalist's Association.

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