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Ronald B. Weber, MD

All About Jazz user Ronald B. Weber, MD

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Home: Plantation, FL

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President & Artistic Director of South Florida JAZZ

I am a lifelong drummer and jazzer who had a college band in Michigan featuring Joe Henderson (yes, Joe played in MY band and I never let him forget it. I miss him). I played briefly with Getz, Terry Gibbs, Phineas Newborn, Jr., Johnny Smith, Kirk Lightsey, and Candido Camero before focusing on medicine.

I taught neurology and neuro-ophthalmology at George Washington University then practiced neurology in Hollywood, Florida until 1993. It is fair and immodest to assume that I know more about jazz than any of my neurology colleagues and more about medicine than most jazz writers (and all sports writers).

Now I am engaged in a life of jazz promotion and production with South Florida JAZZ, Inc. which I direct as president and artistic director. They will have to assassinate me to get me out of the job.

I like jazz “two blocks from the edge” (as Don Grolnick once said to Michael Brecker). Despite my geezer status, I like a fair amount of modern music. My dream festival would feature bands led by Keith Jarrett, Michael Brecker (sigh), John Scofield, Dave Holland, Stanley Clarke, and Dave Douglas - and there would be no chick singers.

Does anyone want to donate $100K to a well-meaning nonprofit organization????

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