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Lloyd N. Peterson Jr.

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Lloyd Peterson is the author of the book "Music and the Creative Spirit"

After dealing with an chronic health issue for the past couple of years, it's good to be back writing again.

”Music has existed since before the dawn of man, before the creation of our universe and is the only single common thread that exists between all societies and cultures. Only music alone has the power to communicate through our differences in religion and politics. It is through music that we can break through the bridges of cultural intollerence and find the wisdom to understand and focus on the things we have in common, and not on the matter that separates us...”

The interviews included here with “All About Jazz” are from my previous book, “Music and the Creative Spirit” which is part of the Rutger's University Jazz Institute Jazz series along with my forthcoming publication, “Wisdom Through Music”.

Michael Ricci and John Kelman are providing some of the most critical and significant work in music and art today and I am sincerely honored to have my work considered by them. Never before has there been a music related periodical or web based site that is as diverse, non genre political and as open as “All About Jazz”. Most importantly, AAJ reflects the open personal expression and free artistic spirit that we all want from music and in our lives. Please support them!

In brief, I was Born and raised in Seattle, my mother is originally from Japan and my father's family from Norway. The two most significant points in my life were hearing Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane for the very first time. But perhaps even more significant was experiencing music through the eyes and ears of my mother prior to birth. That wonderful and amazing experience is still with me today. It is music itself that guided me through tremendously difficult times during my youth and it is debt that I will forever owe....

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