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Tim Kuhl

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Over the past several years numerous musicians have grown out of the Brooklyn music scene to hold great respect in the community of the jazz world. A personal creative approach to composition, and a cooperative approach to the business side have made the Brooklyn jazz scene an innovative grooming ground for the next generation of jazz artists. One of the most creative artists on that field is drummer/composer Tim Kuhl. Kuhl has maintained his own ensemble while having performed with a number of jazz greats such as Mike Formanek, Josh Roseman, & Alan Ferber to name just a few. His compositional genius, aided by his masterful approach to the drum kit place him in the forefront of the young artist jazz community.

Tim Kuhl was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and resides in Brooklyn, New York. He studied classical and jazz percussion at Towson University. Kuhl leads his own ensembles, works as a sideman and collaborator in many others, records and composes music. Kuhl has toured all over the world and has three critically acclaimed releases as a band leader, Ghost (2008) King (2009) and Doomsayer (2011)

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