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Erik R. Quick

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Home: Gaithersburg, MD

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Erik Quick is a practicing lawyer, but collects jazz records and memorabilia with a passion

A number of things created the initial interest in jazz: my parents bought me an LP of Dave Brubeck's “Jazz Goes to Campus”, and I listened to Felix Grant (the legendary Washington, DC jazz DJ). I took notes as I listened to Grant informing the audience about each musician and their place in jazz. Once I got to know Felix and visited him in the studio over the years, the initial interest became an obsession. The obsession was fed when I had a jazz show on an FM station for 4 years, and when I was also a record clerk in the jazz/classical department of a record store for 12 years. In addition to listening, I collect the autographs of each musican/show I see; it is a comprehenive collection, and includes many of the jazz greats alive in my lifetime.

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