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Paul Lewis

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CD/DVD Reviewer

Home: West Hartford, CT

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Mr. Lewis produces, promotes and collects jazz. A masochist, his hobby is owning restaurants.

My love of jazz began at 15 with Count Basie and Frank Sinatra and now here I am kickin' 50 in the ass and loving bebop, swing and the Standards all the more. Jazz is the soundtrack to my life. Childless, my wife and I are certifiable masochists, because we own two restaurants (they're our children). Food is my other passion. By way of combining my favorite things in life, I've tried eating jazz CDs but the broken Lexan makes me bleed and the foil sticks between my teeth.

But seriously folks... important to me is the advancement of independently-produced music, without which the jazz scene would be a commercialized wasteland. Equally important to me is working to the benefit of music education in our schools and communities, so that not one eager creative mind be deprived of a means of musical expression.

By way of disclaimer I occasionally look out over the waters of other genres, but wade in only to a big-toe's depth. Also by way of disclaimer, I also run an entertainment consulting firm. I've more than enough work on that front, so there'll be no more self-promotion herein than the presence of a link to my website.

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