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Chris Hodges

Home: Atlanta, GA

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Though not yet out of his twenties, Chris Hodges has been performing in the southeast for over fifteen years and has lived in Atlanta and New York City. His eclectic background of rock, pop, hip hop, blues, classic rock, bluegrass, and jazz allows him to fit in with and add to any music he happens to sit in on. As a studio bassist, Chris has logged hundreds of hours behind both electric and double bass. Whether laying down grooves for hip hop or playing with a pick on a hard rock track, Chris is in his zone. Though still active in all styles as a freelance bassist, Chris has dedicated his attention and studies to jazz and classical music. Chris has studied under some of the regions most prolific players and writers. He has been awarded several scholarships due to his playing and has held down the head bass chair at University of Montevallo and Troy University.

The drive that Chris possesses as a band leader is clear when you see his band perform. Whatever the incarnation may be, you can be sure the group is well rehearsed and well prepared. He chooses only the best musicians for the job and knows each ones strengths and limitations. Chris truly is one of the hardest working musicians in the area. He is a thoughtful yet strong leader that cares about his musicians which makes his musicians care about him. This makes for great on-stage chemistry and a constantly evolving performance.

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