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Kari Gaffney

Home: Evans, GA

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Quality Radio and Publicity for Jazz, Fusion, Blues, World and Beyond

Our campaigns include out-of-the-box promotions. We look not only at the mainstay avenues of promotion, but we also analyze how we can increase your exposure to new audiences. In addition to building your most valuable tool, “impressions within the market” via publicity and radio airplay. We utilize those achievements to build you viable marketing tools so you can then take those achievements and put them to use with regard to gigs, festivals, advertising, building your fan base and to increase traffic to your product for potential buyers. This process has to be done whether you are a veteran performer or a debut artist. Large corporations don't stop marketing their products once they are recognized. They have to continue awareness and build new clients and potential buyers. THIS APPLIES TO YOU TOO! You are in the toughest industry there is; what is going to set you a part from your competitors.

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