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Nathan Holaway

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Home: Tuscaloosa, AL

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...jazz aficionado...and still learning...

I currently hold a Masters of Music degree in Jazz from the University of Alabama. I'm a jazz alto saxophonist, clarinetist, and pianist. (Check out my music on my MySpace page.) I am also a freelance journalist for All About Jazz, a published jazz/beat poet, I've hosted a jazz radio show on New Rock 90.7 (Hear Me Talkin' to Ya?), and I'm currently looking for a teaching job at a willing university. I perform and arrange any and all styles of music locally and abroad, have had original compositions played in a variety of locations, give lectures pertaining to jazz, heavily advocate jazz education, and I'm quite a foreign and silent film fanatic.

Eccentric in nature, warm in personality, witty in humor, aloof to close-mindedness, and coffee connoisseur 24/7. That's me in a nutshell... preferably a Ferrero Rocher nutshell.

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