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The Smooth Jazz That Won't Desert You...


Hello, Smooth Jazzers...

In light of radio industry abandonment of Smooth Jazz fans in South Jersey and Philadelphia...I am dedicated to the mission of establishing SMOOTH JAZZ 4 SOUTH JERSEY(SJ4SJ) as a unique and independent Smooth Jazz radio, internet and cable TV presence to serve the tens of thousands of Smooth Jazz aficionados in this region. As “The Smooth Jazz that won't desert you”, SJ4SJ will be the alternative to fickle and redundant commercial programming! SJ4SJ will promote and perpetuate the presence and enjoyment of Smooth Jazz plus networking and socializing with fans, musicians, promoters, sponsors, presenters and media.

To accomplish this, SJ4SJ will employ a “4”-pronged approach to accomplish this mission� (1) Live remote radio/internet broadcasts coupled with (2) Monthly live concerts and festivals supported by a (3) Fan-based social network of advertisers, sponsors and members leading up to a (4) Regional Smooth Jazz expo/awards program but it needs and invites the individual Membership support of music fans and artists, and Sponsorship support of entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations.

Please visit and SIGN UP TO BECOME A “SMOOTH JAZZ 4 SOUTH JERSEY” MEMBER OR SPONSOR! And please spread the word to your Smooth Jazz friends! Together we can keep the Smooth Jazz alive and even get it thriving in our region!

Best regards, Dorian L. Gilmer Founder, Producer and On-Air Host Smooth Jazz 4 South Jersey P.O. Box 1502 Atlantic City, NJ 08404-1502 609-813-1250

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