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Gail Marten

Home: columbia, MD

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“Ms. Marten caresses a jazz vocal with the authority of authenticity, and projects an innate awareness of how the songwriter might wish to hear the song sung. Her lyrical approach to standards brings an exciting new dimension to the music. She radiates

Born in Philadelphia, Gail has been performing throughout the mid-Atlantic region for more than 20 years captivating audiences at music festival. When she met world famous saxophonist, Benny Waters, at an engagement at the Hilton Hotel, they established an on- going musical association and friendship until his death in 1997 at the age of 96. He was a great source of inspiration and encouragement to her and they performed many concerts together in the mid-Atlantic area. Having held long term engagements at many premier hotels (including Hyatt, Omni, Renaissance, Hilton, Stouffer’s) and bistros such as Blues Alley and The Bohemian Caverns, Gail has sung with many notables including Cyrus Chestnut, Reuben Brown, Charles Covington and Benny Waters. With evocative overtones of Peggy Lee, Julie London and Chris Connor, she has a unique and subliminal quality all her own. Look for release of Gail's new CD, IN LOVE AGAIN, recorded with Larry Willis.

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