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Anne R Friedland

Home: Pittsburgh, PA

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What a talent!

I was a child prodigy, playing since age 1. I did my first gig at 4 and that was it as far as my teachers were concerned: I was a musician!!!!Taking lessons, I discovered I had perfect pitch, duplicating intricate classical pieces after hearing the teacher play them only once! He was thrilled, the powers that be were not. My mother, being a singer brought me up with Kathryn Grayson, Beverly Sills and other opera greats. I won a Scholarship to Carnegie Mellon, but went on the road and was introduced to Jazz in 1971. That was all she wrote. I hated the confines of classical music and jazz improv gave me a way to express myself ! The road has been rough for many reasons, but I refuse to give up!!! I am as of a few hours ago being assigned as the contact person and Editor for “The Rhythm House”, a venue in Pittsburgh. Recently, jazz, real jazz has taken a killing here is Pittsburgh. The “cliques” are heavier than ever and I feel like I need to fight tooth and nail to try and get a gig!

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